Municipal Employees' Opinions on Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions: The Case of Anamur Municipality

Purpose of the Study: In this study, it was tried to measure the perceptions of the personnel working in the mukhtar affairs directorate unit of Anamur Municipality regarding the concept of corporate social responsibility. The reason for the selection of the personnel working in the directorate of mukhtar affairs is that the employees working in this unit are responsible for the social affairs of the municipality and they have a good command of the concept. The concept of corporate social responsibility should not be considered only on the basis of companies. Importance of the Study: It is important for local governments, especially municipalities, to give importance to corporate social responsibility projects in the context of social municipalism and to carry out activities in this direction. Method: Phenomenological design, which is one of the qualitative research methods, was preferred in the study. Content analysis method was used to analyze the data. For this purpose, the interview conducted within the scope of the research was conducted face-to-face in the municipality building and by the researcher. Findings: According to the findings of the study, the participants think that CSR activities are important for themselves. It was also found that CSR activities are also important for the municipality. It has been found that the CSR perceptions of the municipal staff and their views on the concept are positive. Within the scope of the research, the results have been interpreted in detail and some suggestions have been made.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Municipality, Anamur Municipality