Sosyal Sorumlu Tüketim Davranışı Ölçeğinin Kısaltılmış Türkçe Versiyonunun Geçerlilik Ve Güvenilirlik Çalışması

Abstract Socially responsible consumption is a behavior that consciously prefers sustainable products or services that are considered less harmful and do not harm the environment. Consumers considering social and environmental impacts when choosing products and services aim to create a sustainable society for future generations. Socially responsible consumption is also conceptualized as conscious, ethical, environmentalist, green, and selfless. Purpose: Reasons such as increasing population, limited resources, and climate change indicate that individuals' consumption preferences and habits will necessarily evolve towards a sustainable, responsible, and conscious orientation. In this respect, it intended to create a Turkish version of the Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior Scale (SRCBS) developed by John Antil (1984) to measure conscious, sustainable, and responsible consumption behavior and a valid and reliable measuring instrument in this field. Method: Four hundred fifty individuals aged between 18 and 56, including 333 women and 117 men, attended this research. Exploratory factor analysis was implemented to ascertain the factor structure of the scale by dividing the study's participant group into two groups equally and randomly; confirmatory factor analysis was implemented in the other group to confirm the determined factor structure. In addition, for the scale's congruent validity, its relationship with the environmental awareness scale was examined, and various reliability analyzes of the scale were carried out. Findings: A single-factor structure of 10 items was attained with the analyzes made. The resulting scale structure explained 67% of the variance; the CFI of goodness-of-fit values of the scale was 0.95; GFI: 0.94; It has been determined that it is RMSEA: 0.076. In the convergent validity analysis, the average variance extracted (AVE) was 40%; It was ascertained that the composite reliability (CR) value was 0.86, and the Cronbach Alpha coefficient was 0.90. A highly significant relationship was obtained between the environmental awareness scale used for congruent validity and the scale (r(450) = .65; p<.01). In conclusion, the scale, which was disclosed as 40 items, became a single-factor structure with ten items in its Turkish version. Originality: In terms of being the only measurement tool in the national literature that directly measures socially responsible consumption behavior and considering the necessity of a sustainable society understanding, it is thought that the Turkish short revision of the scale will be a valuable and essential reference source for many social science researchers.


Sustainable consumption, ecological and social sustainability, socially responsible consumption, socially responsible consumption behavior, socially responsible consumption behavior scale