Emotional Contagion and Nursing

As a social being, human beings coexist with and interact with other people throughout their lives. Nurses, who form a large part of the multidisciplinary work team in health services, are in constant interaction with the society, family and while giving care to healthy or sick individuals. Some emotions arise during communication and interaction with other people in daily life. This situation increases the possibility of emotional contagion in nurses who are at the center of the healthcare team and interact more intensely with the individuals they serve. Similarly, it is stated that the emotional states of managers, colleagues and especially patients are transferred to nurses through emotional contagion. It is stated that the feelings of the nurses who are exposed to emotional contagion will also be reflected in the services provided by the nurses and in the institutional outputs. In line with the literature review, the concept of "emotional contagion" was discussed and suggestions were made by emphasizing its importance in terms of nursing, its effect on nurses and its results.


Nursing, Emotional Contagion, Emotional Contagion and Nursing, Emotional Contagion and its Effects