Hospital Preference Priorities of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Patients

Health care, which is a vital possession for all societies, and one branch of it is physical rehabilitation services (PRS). The old model in the musculoskeletal and nervous vascular system and the practice consists of electrotherapy and education, which is an appropriate branch of diagnosis and treatment. PRS; The physical industry, physiotherapists and physicists are combined with a disciplinary system of physical work, on which patients rely and inpatient. This improvement is a health service so that they can regain their health and regain their health. If the PRS is subject to acquisition, it is subject to the properties and acquisitions of the recoveries in relation to the acquisitions. In this context; Hospital preferences of PRS patients are small. The aim of this study is to determine the preferences and priorities of patients who apply to the hospital to receive physical therapy and rehabilitation services. In this study, face-to-face survey technique was used as data collection method. Scale expressions are taken from the study of Biçer (2020). The universe of the research is a public hospital, the sample of the study consists of 225 patients who received treatment in a state hospital between 28.02.2022 and 01.04.2022. According to the analysis results; At the beginning of the reasons for preference, "I prefer it because it is within the scope of my social security." expression comes. The ease of transportation of the hospital and the fact that the patient density is less than other hospitals are among the reasons for high preference.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Hospital, Patient, Preference