Meslek Seçimi ve Girişimcilik

Today, people have turned to different professions and have started to establish their own businesses in order to either earn income or increase it because of many different reasons such as not being able to get by economically, unemployment, and most families' having a single income in a family. Individuals who want to start their own business cannot fulfill their aims due to many reasons such as lack of time, lack of financial resources, fear of failure and this is often reflected as their dreams. However, today there are many institutions that can help make these dreams come true. Through these institutions, the idea of starting a business has become much more realistic and many business ideas have been projected and implemented. The choice of profession can affect the individual throughout his life and may result in an unhappy life in the future. The depression and stress that show up in individuals who mischoose their professions and don't like their jobs can affect their work life and family life at the same time. This is one of the factors that negatively affect the quality of life of the society. Individuals may experience various anxieties throughout their lives, and one of these concerns is the anxieties arising from choosing and practicing a profession. Working individuals can question their professions and evaluate how happy they feel and the pleasure they get from their jobs. In this study, the importance of choosing a profession and entrepreneurship has been tried to be emphasized. The importance of career choice and entrepreneurship which is important for increasing employment, decreasing unemployment rates and finding suitable jobs for people has been also emphasized throughout the study.


Choosing a profession, Entrepreneurship, Business opportunity, employee