The Glass Ceiling Awareness of Bank Female Employees.

Nowadays, women's participation in business life has increased and continues to increase. In addition, women work in managerial or senior positions in business life, but they encounter obstacles that they cannot see, called the glass ceiling. In this study, a research was conducted on the glass ceiling obstacles that women working in banks encounter in their career journeys, and what these obstacles are by using qualitative research method. The study group of the research consists of 30 female employees. As a result of the research, female employees of the bank stated that they see the role of mother as an obstacle in their career journey, there are stereotype barriers in their working life, organizational culture and policies affect their working life, working conditions are very stressful and when combined with their other responsibilities, they are psychologically affected negatively, and marital status and gender are effective in advancing on the career ladder.


Glass Ceiling, Banking Women Employees, Qualitative Research