Reflection Of The Effect Of the Covid-19 Pandemic On Health Workers and Managers on Business Results (A research on Health Institutions)

Purpose: Undoubtedly, the health organization providing services for human health was one of the first areas affected by the shock wave created by the Covid 19. Thtat’s why, the aim of the research was to determine how the effect of the pandemic on health workers and managers was reflected in the business result and to find out consequences differs according to some variables. Methodolgy: Personal information form question statements measuring the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on healthcare workers and managers, and job satisfaction and intention to leave scale were used as measurement tools in the research. Data obtained from the measurement tool; T-test, One-Way Variance, Correlation, Regression analyzes and descriptive statistical methods were analyzed. Universe and Sample: The population of the research consists of health managers working in a public institution in a province located in the southeast of Turkey. According to the information received, it is known that the number of health workers is 300 and the number of managers is 40. The evaluation was made on the answers given by 110 health care professionals. In the sample of managers, % 100 of the managers in the universe were reached and and applied to all of them. Result: it was revealed that the sense of social responsibility and perceived anxiety level of health workers decreased the intention to leave, and stress increased the intention to leave. In addition, it was determined that harmony with colleagues increases the level of job satisfaction. In the research applied to the managers, it was determined that there is a positive relationship between job satisfaction and developmental effect. In order to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on business results, it is recommented to strengthen psycho-social support resources.


Impact of covid-19, Healthcare Workers and Managers, Health Institutions, Research.