The Effect of Training and Development on Work Performance: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation

Purpose: This research is specific to employees of telecommunication industry working in different organization of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Islamabad and Rawalpindi city of Pakistan. It is aimed empirically to inspect the influence of training and development on intrinsic motivation and work performance by investigating the mediation effects of intrinsic motivation in association of training and development with work performance. Universe and sample: Survey data were gathered from different telecommunication organizations of the (FCT) Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Methodology: The final sample data of 304 employees were used to test the hypotheses through structural equational modeling. Results: Training and development impacts significantly on the work performance and intrinsic motivation of employees and ultimately intrinsic motivation influenced positively on work performance. Finally, intrinsic motivation reduces the greater influence of training and development on work performance of individuals. However, it still remains significant relationship which exhibits partially mediation among between relationship of training and development and work performance. This research will assist the public policy decision-makers to better understand the consequences of training and development, and intrinsic motivation. Moreover, management office holders/ community may formulate strategies for the motivation of employees to maximize the work performance of employees which contribute to the welfare of society.


Management and Strategy, Training & Development, Intrinsic Motivation, Work Performance