Criticism of Discrimination Against Women in Advertisements

People interpret everything while they are talking, thinking or doing any action. Because interpretation guides us to perceive the world we live in. By means of ability of our interpretation, it is possible that we feel intimate by matching ourselves with a character from a fiction that we read. Our interpretation act is a kind of searching. Given the fact that this searching is always active, the importance of advertising which is one of important elements of communication will become more evident in our lives. People forget again all the advertisements that they face consciously or unconsciously during the day. However, even though unconsciously encountered, these encounters become a part of the world after a point and become a part of life and turn into ordinary by getting rid of being a new interpretation. The success of the advertisements also stems from this. The producers of the advertisements that play such an important role in our lives are free to do so. Nonetheless human dignity must be protected in advertisements. Based on this argument, the aim of this study is to compare how and in which context the females are expressed in Turkish and German advertising texts. In this comparison, pictures, symbols, colors and their usage with each other, rhetoric and sentences will inevitably be used. Language comparison will also be formed by word selection, sentence sequence, adjectives and nouns used. Everything related to the image of the female used in both languages will help no doubt in determining the social standing of female in these both societies. The aim of such a comparison study is to clarify the similarities, common points or differences of female images in these both languages not being closely related to any affinity to each other at a cultural and linguistic level.


Female in Advertisement, Turkish Advertisements, German Advertisements