Algılanan Sosyal Destek ile Presenteizm Davranışının Kavramsal İncelemesi

From past to present, one of the most important wishes of everyone is to be understood. This fact; It corresponds to the perception of social support, the basis of which is shaped by relations with family, friends and other individuals in the environment. This feature of the concept has enabled it to be examined by various studies. Providing and perceiving this support is a desired situation in the workplace, family and individual environment. In addition, presenteeism, the other concept discussed in the study, is not much desired by individuals and institutions. In general, this situation emerges as the employee's coming to the workplace despite having any problem and not doing what is expected of him or acting unproductively. The aim of this study, which examines these two concepts extending from the individual to the society, is to discuss how the concepts are connected with the help of literature review. In addition, it is to provide guiding suggestions to practitioners and researchers for future studies and from which aspects the concepts are generally discussed in the literature. For this purpose, studies in the domestic and foreign literature were reached in the study. The ones related to our subject were classified and examined for the study and discussed in the conclusion part of the study.


Social Support, Perceived Social Support, Presenteism, Absenteism