Turkish Nationalism and the Future

With the development of technology, many innovations in the changing and developing world order, the spread of these developments in the world is realized thanks to globalization. Nation-states are a structure that maintains its importance in the international system. However, in order to maintain this importance and existence, it has to both follow the concepts required by the age such as information and technology, and take measures and work to protect itself from the destructive effects of globalization. Nationalism, which is the main feature of nation-states, is also included in the structures threatened by globalization. In this period, there are structures that both support and threaten nationalism. As in all nationalisms, there are many factors that are seen as a threat for Turkish Nationalism. At the beginning of these; globalization, technology and the weakening of the nation-state. In addition to these, there are also developments that feed Turkish nationalism. Rising nationalism, cooperation between nation-states and the Organization of Turkish States are among them. The aim was to make an analysis of the problems and opportunities of Turkish nationalism, and to reveal the ideas that can offer solutions to the problems by the method of literature review. In the article, the above titles are given in detail, respectively, and the subject is linked to the conclusion part with the titles of Turkish nationalism predictions and what to do.


Keywords: Nationalism, Turkish Nationalism, Nation-state, Globalization